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How to Cope with loss of your Spouse



Grief and Loss coaching to help you feel better


Your Purpose Driven Life and Accountability Coach

I know grief intimately, having personally experienced the profound depths of loss. I became a widow when my daughter was just 10 months old, a heart-wrenching experience that tested my emotional resilience. I made mistakes and faced difficult decisions during that challenging period.

My journey through grief became a source of profound transformation. I have years of experience using  skills and tools to help others in their own struggles with anxiety and depression. Now, I’m committed to extending that same support to those grappling with grief.

Having sought a grief and loss coach myself, I understand the pivotal role that professional guidance played in managing my thoughts and feelings. With time, determination, and the assistance of my coach, I thrived. My daughter, too, is flourishing, and we are savoring life once again.

My mission is rooted in her desire to offer unwavering support to fellow widows on their unique grief journey. My personal experience and her passion for helping others makes me a compassionate and skilled guide for those seeking solace and renewal in the wake of loss. I am here to illuminate the path from grief to hope, showing that it is possible to not just survive but to thrive once more.

How I Can Help You

1:1 Coaching Program

We will work together virtually for 6 weekly sessions to set goals and develop action steps to help you achieve them. The life you want is inside you; 1:1 Coaching will help you unlock it.

Group Coaching Program

MASTERMINDs are group coaching session that can better guide you on how to increase your productivity, optimize performance, and improve relationships.

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