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How to Cope with loss of your Spouse



Grief and Loss coaching to help you feel better


Your Purpose Driven Life and Accountability Coach

Hi.  I am Kim Fuller

I am a Life Coach.  If you are struggling with grief after a loss, I can help you.

From my many years of working as a marriage and family therapist I worked with clients whose lives were shattered due to grief after a loss.

I am very aware of the devastation a loss of husband can have on life.   After my husband died, I had to create a new life with different goals.  I focus my grief coaching on widows, helping to explore new interests, make or renew meaningful connections that will support happy fulfilled lives.

My goal is to inspire you to experience healthy relationships with themselves and others, both physically and emotionally by challenging their fear-based habits and focusing on personal growth.

As a lifestyle coach I have successfully helped 100s of women to Live a Fuller Life.  It is possible.

How I Can Help You

1:1 Coaching Program

We will work together virtually for 6 weekly sessions to set goals and develop action steps to help you achieve them. The life you want is inside you; 1:1 Coaching will help you unlock it.

Group Coaching Program

MASTERMINDs are group coaching session that can better guide you on how to increase your productivity, optimize performance, and improve relationships.

Recommended Resources

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