What do you want and why you don't have it

The answer might not be what you think. (Hint: You CAN be successful AND happy.)


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How to communicate your thoughts and feelings so that you connect with people to help you get your needs met


How to understand the role that anger plays in your life so that you can access your power and control without it


How to implement a new type of plan so that you can avoid the pitfalls that have held you back in the past (how to flip the switch on what you are avoiding)



KIM has successfully coached thousands of people to reach their dreams and achieve their greatest ambitions - from becoming a star of the stage to breaking through the corporate glass ceiling. She is a Transformational life coach for high-achieving BIPOC women who spend time on leading and creating amazing things but spend zero time on themselves.




1:1 Coaching Program

We will work together virtually for 90 days to set goals and develop action steps to help you achieve them. The life you want is inside you; 1:1 Coaching will help you unlock it.


Group Coaching Program

ALL IN MASTERMIND can better guide you on how to increase your productivity, optimize performance, and improve relationships. These motivation coaching sessions have a maximum of 8 group members.


Recommended Resources

Click here for resources that can help you on your journey. These include my latest videos and recommended books.


Working with Kim Fuller life coach is not something I needed to do for work, for my children nor my is 100% about ME working to better myself...and that feels great!


I came to coaching to Learn to be more comfortable in my own skin and voice my own concerns. Also learning boundaries and being authentic. As a result of coaching I felt definitely more courageous to be myself and vocal about my feelings. I am really happy with the program and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I really appreciate the amount of information about the brain and the tracking system.


The program is a way to have accountability and support on your small goals that lead to your big goals. In addition, it was a fellowship opportunity - small groups and learning about and supporting others' goals. I hope other women entrepreneurs can experience the support and learning opportunities.


The challenge I was facing when I started coaching was managing my business. I feel like I have a better handle on how to manage my business and question the additional things I take on. I rate the overall coaching program “Life-changing beyond my expectations”! It’s definitely worth the money, you get individualized help and support in a number of areas.


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